Universal Big Boy Scriber

Overview of the Universal Big Boy Scriber.

The universal big boy scriber has a clamping system which can accommodate marking tools with a diameter of between 5.5mm and 10mm.

Particularly suitable for holding permanent marker pens (which would be damaged with the “screw down” clamping method).

With the profile attachment added and the ability to hold a variety of marking devices the universal big boy scriber is the most versatile scriber in the family.

Both the universal and standard big boys have extra holes allowing the scriber body to sit further up the aluminium cradle increasing the span. The first image shows the body in the under the pivot position using a knurled knob to clamp the marking pen.

The 2 other images show the body in the over the pivot position using a cap head bolt to clamp the marking tool.  This position gives a span of up to 90mm with a marking pen and 75mm with the marking wheel holder.

If you are unsure which permanent marker to buy for the universal big boy the Staedtler Lumocolor range has a diameter of 9.7mm and comes in a range of tip sizes to suit your needs.