TraicaPik kid

Overview of the TraicaPik Kid

The TraicaPik kid is designed to hold the Pica and Tracer deep hole pencils. The aluminium cradle is the same as the fat boy scriber with a base size of 64mm x 25.4mm. Due to the pencils length the TraicaPik Kid doesn’t open quite as wide as the fat and skinny boy scribers with a shortened pencil.

The pencil holder is delrin.

The front cap head screw acts as a counter balance to the thumb screw tightening knob. This can be adjusted to suit the 2 different pencils (which have very slightly different shank sizes).

When purchasing the TraicaPik Kid you will need to specify which pencil you wish to use. The tracer pencil is 0.05mm wider in diameter than the pica pencil so the hole needs to be slightly enlarged to suit.

The TraicaPik Kid is supplied with holes in the cradle to mount the profile attachment and the bolt on scriber base cover (purchased seperately).

Please note Pica and Tracer pencils are not included.