Large Furniture Scriber


The large furniture scriber is a more versatile scriber which is designed to hold a pencil or a metal scribe for door fitting. It has the same footprint as the standard scriber (64mm x 25.4mm), but is taller (53mm).

There are two positions on this scriber, under or over the pivot pin.

The under position is for the metal scribe so the angle the scribe point touches the wood is not too acute (the pencil can also go in the under position).

A brass rod fits between the hold down screw and metal scribe (or pencil), the rod prevents the screw thread from being damaged by the knurled surface of the scribe.

When the over position is in use the brass pin isn’t needed and is captured in a hole in the pencil holder to make sure it’s not lost.

The cross section view shows the positions of the hold down screw in the under and over positions and where the brass rod sits (and where the brass rod sits when not in use).

In the images the metal scribe is in the under position, the pencil is in the over position.

The 1mm lip machined on the front of the scribe can be run down the edge of a door frame with the scribe marking the door to be fitted. The 1mm lip can be filed down to fit a thinner gap if required.

You have the choice of buying the scriber with or without a metal scribe included.

Price includes postage in the UK.

Pencil not included.

Overseas customers please contact Philip for postage cost before purchasing.