Compass Kit


A kit for making a large compass to the purchaser’s requirements. Made in aluminium and delrin with powerful 8mm and 6mm locking levers to stop any movement when set.

The pencil and scribe holders pivot so no matter what angle the legs are at, the pencil and scribe can be set perpendicular to the work piece.

Set the compass roughly to the position you want with the main locking lever then use the pivoting pencil disc to line up the pencil with a pre determined pencil mark.

The dimensions for the legs are 31mm x 19.5mm so any Ex 1” material is suitable.

The compass shoes can also be turned into a set of fine adjustment trammels.

There is scope for drawing very large circles with this technique and unlike conventional trammel sets by using the pivoting discs getting the pencil in the correct position is straight forward.

The thumb screws holding in the pencil and scribe turn through a barrel bolt so no issues with threads stripping in the delrin.

This is a great tool which will have many uses in the workshop.