Tooley Park Scriber Family

Overview of the tooley park scriber family

The tooley park scriber family has grown in size and there are now a number of models to choose from depending on your requirements.

There are also accessories to go with the scribers giving more functionality.


The original Tooley Park scriber was made 30 years. Rough and ready but very effective.

It’s been such a useful tool that it has been developed into the range of scribers available to purchase today.

The scribers are small and fit nicely in the hand with a footprint of only 64mm x 25.4mm for the fat boy, big boy, universal big boy and TraicaPik Kid, 64mm x 19mm for the skinny boy.

All the boys work great with pencils but the universal and standard big boy, the deluxe fat and skinny boys and the 2 in 1 fat boy are also designed to hold a metal scribe and the deluxe and standard marking wheel holders (available separately) or any metal tool you might shape yourself.

The universal big boy can hold anything with a diameter of between 5.5mm and 10mm.

A knurled tightening knob ensures enough torque can be applied to avoid any movement when scribing but when loose the delrin body pivots freely in the aluminium frame.

The knobs are spaced away from the body for easier knob turning.

Simple to set up. Tweak the knurled knob enough to create a bit of friction, set to your desired depth then fully tighten the knob.

For left handers the pivot bolt can be turned around so the knurled tightening knob is on the left hand side.

The company url is stamped on one side of all the scribers.

Each scriber (apart from the 2 in 1 fat boy) has 6mm x 1mm lip machined on the front. This allows scribing on surfaces on the same plane. 

Scribing a birch ply shelf.

Using a fat boy to scribe a kitchen unit to a very uneven floor. The wooden wedge is used to level the unit prior to scribing..