Tooley Park Scriber Family

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Overview of the tooleypark scriber family

TraicaPik Kid

Over and under Fat Boy and Skinny Boy scriber

Philip made the original Tooley Park scriber 25 years ago for fitting his furniture in homes across the UK (shown here with a fat boy). 

It’s been such a useful tool that he decided to develop it into the range of scribers available to purchase today.

The scribers are small and fit nicely in the hand with a footprint of only 64mm x 25.4mm for the fat boy and big boy, 64mm x 20mm for the skinny boy.

All the boys work great with pencils ( the hole to house the pencil is 8mm) but the big boy is also designed to hold a metal scribe (available separately) or any metal tool you might shape yourself.

A knurled tightening knob ensures enough torque can be applied to avoid any movement when scribing but when loose the delrin body (pvc for red bodies) pivots freely in the aluminium frame.

The knobs are spaced away from the body for easier knob turning.

Simple to set up. Tweak the knurled knob enough to create a bit of friction, set to your desired depth then fully tighten the knob.

The pivot bolt can be reversed to suit left and right handers.

The big boy is designed to hold a metal scribe . Useful for fitting doors where the 6mm x 1mm lip at the front of the scriber fits in a gap. This lip can be filed thinner or removed altogether if the user prefers.

Look carefully at these big boys and you will see the pencil sitting above the pivot point and the metal scribe sitting below. 

This design feature allows the metal scribe to be at a very shallow angle which makes it easier to control. 

When used as a conventional scriber remove the pivot bolt and flip the body 180 degrees.

This cross section view of the big boy body shows how the scriber/pencil can be held above or below the pivot point and how the brass dowel stops the knob thread from being damaged.

A threaded dowel is used on the big boy so the forces applied clamping down on the metal scribe don’t damage the thread.

Note this image shows the brass dowel in position clamping down on the metal scribe with the scribe below the pivot bolt. 

Cross section drawings showing the pencil/scriber below and above the pivot pin. When a metal scribe is used it is recommended that the below pivot position is used. This position presents the scribe at a low angle to the work piece for better control and the brass spacer pin protects the thread on the locking knob.

Each scriber has the company url stamped on the side.

Shown here on a fat boy.

Utilizing the front lip on a skinny boy to fit boards on the same plane.

Scribing a shelf to a carcase side using a fat boy.

Using a fat boy to scribe a kitchen unit to a very uneven floor. The wooden wedge is used to level the unit prior to scribing.

See what people are saying about the scriber on the review page