Router Cutter Sharpening Service

Philip uses a Clarkson tool cutter grinder to regrind router cutters. This is a 2 step process using a course diamond grit cutting wheel to remove the blunt cutting edge and switching to a 400 grit diamond wheel to produce a sharp edge.  A cool mist system is used to lubricate the cutting edge and alleviate heat build up.

The cost of a regrind is £4.00 per cutter excluding postage. 

Go to the shop page to order your cutter regrind.

Get a router cutter reground for free!

If you want to “try before you buy” send Philip one of your blunt cutters and he will regrind it for free.

Remember to take a cut with your blunt cutter on an off cut so you can compare before and after regrind surfaces.

Email with your contact details.

Clarkson tool and cutter grinder.

Setting up a rebate cutter for regrinding.