Record 135 Sash Clamp Stand

Sash clamp stand

Overview of the Record 135 sash clamp stand

The Record 135 sash clamp stand is a new product designed to protect the work piece and prevent the clamp from dropping on its side. It comprises a mild steel c section with approximately 5mm thick walls and a 12mm birch plywood pad. The steel is machined to a width of 29mm on the inside face and slots over the shoe of the clamp. The clamp is secured with two m5 grub screws with plastic caps to protect the paint work. 

The  grub screws tighten onto a curve on the shoe casting which pulls the steel onto the shoe and puts enough tension on the screw thread to act as a lock so lock nuts aren’t necessary.

Grub screws are used so there are no protruding bolt heads.



The steel is sprayed with blue enamel paint matching the Record colour. The plywood is sprayed with clear lacquer so any glue spillage can be chipped off.

There is a chamfer machined on the outside edges of the plywood to help prevent chipping.

There are 2 choices of plywood pad available to buy. One has a width of 40mm flaring out to 65mm (90mm high). This is for carcase construction (where access might be limited) and general use. The other (120mm x 90mm) is more for gluing panels where access isn’t a problem.  

Both fit on the same steel piece. 

The plywood is fixed with m4 slotted countersink screws. Slotted screws are used as they are easier to clean out if they get filled with glue etc.