Profile Attachment

Overview of the profile base attachment

The profile attachment enables you to transfer more intricate shapes such as mouldings, brick and stonework.

The attachment will fit all the scribers in the tooley park scriber family (apart from the 2 in 1 fat boy). 

You can buy a scriber and profile attachment at the same time (click on the option for a base with pre drilled holes on the scriber you would like to use) or if you have a scriber already just buy the attachment and drill the holes for the attachment yourself. There is a diagram showing the hole pattern in the profile base attachment product images on the shop page.


The kit consists of a brass plate which bolts to the base of the scribers with 2 slots to accommodate different sized inserts.

There are 4 sets of inserts in the kit.

All the inserts are 1mm thick at the point.

There is a long and short version in delrin for situations where you don’t want to mark the profile you are copying.

A long and short version in hardened and tempered tool steel for abrasive surfaces, stone and brick for example.

See the images on the shop page for insert sizes.

Also included in the kit are 8 grub screws, a hex wrench to fit the grub screws and bolts to fit the brass plate to the scriber.

If you are purchasing a scriber and want the ability to add the profile attachment straightaway or sometime in the future click on the “with holes for profile base” option on the scriber product page.

Please note the profile base attachment is purchased separately.

Scribing internal skirting joint

Scribing to brick work

Scribing to brick work close up

A close up showing the profile attachment scribing to brickwork. It takes a bit of practice to get good results but the small size of the tool and being able to use 2 hands gives you a lot of control. Light even pressure is the way to go.

Note how the scriber is being used with just the front insert in for this task, and it has been ground down to more of a point. 

Adapt the tool to fit your needs!

Here are 4 different inserts which have been shaped to suit an application. You can easily shape the delrin inserts with a coping saw and the metal inserts with an angle grinder, bench grinder or dremel. 

If you don’t want to alter the shape of the inserts provided you can sacrifice an old 12″ rule (these are normally hardened) to make inserts as long as the rule is no more than 1mm thick. 

If 1mm is a bit thick for a particular situation go down to a 6″ rule, these are normally 0.5mm thick (you might get some flexing with a 0.5mm insert).

The insert on the right in the image above is clamped in this profile attachment which is fitted to a deluxe skinny boy scriber. 

On rough brick and stone it’s preferable not to use the back insert but for scribing mouldings the rear insert could give you more stability.

You might find you get on better with just the front insert in for all your profile work. Experiment and see what’s best for you.