Marking wheel Holder

Overview of the marking wheel holder in a big boy scriber

The marking wheel holder works like a pencil except that it scores the work piece giving a definite border line to cut to. 

If you put masking tape over the scribed line the marking wheel will cut through the tape giving you a positive visual line to cut to (pencil lines especially along the grain can be difficult to see).

Because the marking wheel cuts a line in the work piece tear out is greatly reduced leaving a better finish.

If you can work accurately to the line with a jig saw or hand tools you should get a near perfect fit.



You have the added option of using the holder to fit doors with the 2 in 1 scriber

Ideal for cross grain work with the scored line stopping the wood from tearing out when jig sawing but it can mark most materials associated with furniture installation (mdf, ply etc).

The wheel is set at a 15 degree angle which enables it to sit parallel to the scriber base for very narrow scribes.

A Quangsheng 12mm marking wheel is used (one wheel is supplied with the holder) which can be replaced when worn out or damaged.

The holder is made from 8mm silver steel which is heat treated on the machined end to protect the threaded hole. It is left in its annealed state on the flats so the locking thumbscrew can grip the bar.

Although the marking wheel holder will fit all the scribers it should only be used in the big boy and universal big boy scribers, the 2 in 1 fat boy scriber and the deluxe fat and skinny boy scribers. These have stronger clamping systems more suited to holding metal marking tools.

The marking wheel holder is designed specifically for the tooley park scriber and is made in the workshop in Leicestershire.

Testing out the marking wheel holder in a big boy scriber

Showing the results you can get when cutting to a scribed line.