Large Compass Kit

Compass kit explanation.

The large compass kit is a great edition to any workshop. The kit is made in aluminium and delrin with the legs made in wood.

The pivoting delrin discs mean that the centre point and pencil can always be set at a right angle to the surface no matter how wide the compass legs are.

The main pivot point is tightened with an m8 bolt to ensure no movement in action along with m6 bolts that securely hold the delrin discs in place.

The legs provided when you buy the compass kit are 600mm long which allows a 2m circle to be scribed.  

The real bonus of the compass kit is that you can make whatever size compass you want with off cuts in the workshop.

Getting creative...

When the legs become too long and the compass is unwieldy to use with a bit of imagination you can turn the compass kit into a trammel set. This allows you to scribe some really big circles.