Furniture Scriber

Philip has designed a simple scribing tool for fitting furniture which is available on this page.

The body is made out of 3.2mm aluminium channel, the pencil holder is delrin.

The scriber is very compact and with a shortened pencil fits neatly in the hand.

The sole dimensions are 64mm x 25.4mm, the height is 45mm.

There is a 1mm flat machined on the front of the sole so pieces on the same plane can be scribed (see photo).Useful for door fitting etc.

The pencil can be locked down with sufficient torque on the wing nut so that it won’t inadvertently move in use.

The sides of the scriber are cut away at the front to give maximum visibility at the tip of the pencil.

A very simple tool to set up and use which is well made and will be a great addition to your tool box.

Furniture Scriber £27.00​ including postage