Deluxe Fat And Skinny Boy Scribers

Overview of the deluxe fat and skinny boy scribers

The deluxe fat and skinny boy scribers are exactly the same size as the standard fat and skinny boy scribers but with a more robust clamping system for holding the deluxe and standard  marking wheel holders, a metal scribe and a pencil.

If you would like to use the marking wheel holder  or the deluxe marking wheel holder (purchased seperately) for general scribing or levelling chair legs, table legs etc but you are not interested in the door fitting function of the 2 in 1 fat boy scriber and you don’t need the opening capacity of the big boy scriber then either a deluxe fat or skinny boy is the right choice for you.

By inverting the body so the marking tool is above or below the pivot point you have 6 different positions you can hold the marking tool in the scriber and in those 6 positions as with all the scribers you set the marking tool to exactly where you want by pivoting the body in the cradle.


If you always intend to use a pencil for scribing or feet levelling the standard or over and under fat and skinny boys are the best choice for you.

The deluxe fat and skinny boy scribers are supplied with holes in the cradle to mount the profile attachment and the bolt on scriber base cover (purchased seperately).

You can position the marking tool above the pivot point.

In this position use the m4 bolt and allen wrench supplied to tighten the marking tool as the knurled tightening knob would catch on the aluminium cradle.