Big Boy Scriber

Overview of the Big Boy Scriber

The big boy scriber is a more versatile scriber.

The thumbscrew threads through a metal dowel giving a more robust clamping system suitable for clamping down on metal.

Therefore the big boy scriber can hold the marking wheel holder, a metal scribe or a pencil.

This image shows the big boy scriber working with a metal scribe.

It has the same footprint as the standard fat boy scriber (64mm x 25.4mm), but is taller (53mm).

The marking tool can be held above or below the pivot point giving you more options for the angle the marking tool is presented to the work piece. 

To change from the over to under positions  remove the pivot bolt and flip the body 180 degrees. 

Re position the threaded dowel and insert the brass spacer before the thumbscrew (or store it in the hole provided in the body if it’s not needed).

This cross section view of the big boy body scriber shows how the scriber/pencil can be held above or below the pivot point. 

Note this image shows the thumbscrews in position for both above and below the pivot point.

The brass spacer is shown in use with the scriber below the pivot point, it is also shown in its storage position .

Both the universal and standard big boys have extra holes allowing the body to be mounted further up the aluminium cradle increasing the span of the scriber from 1mm to a maximum of 90mm with a pencil and 75mm with the marking wheel holder.