Big Boy Scriber

Overview of the Big Boy Scriber


The big boy is designed to hold a metal scribe as well as a pencil. Useful for fitting doors where the 6mm x 1mm lip at the front of the scriber fits in a gap. This lip can be filed thinner if needed.

Look carefully at these big boys and you will see the pencil sitting above the pivot point and the metal scribe sitting below. 

This design feature allows the metal scribe to be at a very shallow angle which makes it easier to control. 

When used as a conventional scriber remove the pivot bolt and flip the body 180 degrees.

This cross section view of the big boy body shows how the scriber/pencil can be held above or below the pivot point and how the brass dowel stops the knob thread from being damaged.

A threaded dowel is used on the big boy so the forces applied clamping down on the metal scribe don’t damage the thread.

Note this image shows the brass dowel in position clamping down on the metal scribe with the scribe below the pivot bolt.